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Iran Developed Central Agro-holding Corporation: Deputy Minister

An official of agriculture –jihad ministry said that the Central agro-holding Corporation after 50 years finally was established.


Hossein Shirzad, who is also the CEO of the Central Organization for Rural cooperatives of Iran (CORC) said the agro-joint stock companies in the Iran national agriculture have always played a key role due to their efficiency in the rural development, however, they have always been suffering from three deficits including low number, lack of synergistic ties as well as lack of a focused operative and planning core.

"Although, according to the Ministerial cabinet decree in 1976, it was supposed to develop such a central agro-corporation for national coordinating among agro-joint stock companies, but unfortunately it was not developed. Today CORC has developed agro-holding corporation to coordinate these corporations nationwide," He added.

policy convergecy on the national cultivation pattern, applying IoT (internet Of things) in the agriculture sector and using modern irrigation systems through the country are of the prompt advantage of founding of the Agro-holding corporation, Shirzad asserted, adding that establishment of such a corporation can boost the governing of the rural production cooperatives to facilitate contract farming and development of agro-processing factories nationwide.

"The strategic plans of agro-holding Corporation include developing contract farming for farming fodder to meet the needs of the livestock breeding cooperatives, creating a legal entity in the trading world through receiving the commercial card, insurance and export facilitating and medicinal plants farming", Shirzad said

Noting the commitment of CORC to secure food safety, Shirzad expressed hope that the establishment of an Agro-holding corporation could aid agro-cooperative to produce safe and standard food.
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