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Iran Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives to Restructure and Renovate the Services: Deputy Minister

Iran Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives (CORC), is a significant body for rural and agricultural development with more than 1000 Billion capital, Iran’s deputy agriculture minister said.

Hossein shirzad, who is also the CEO of CORC in the "national congress  of the CEO of Rural and agricultural cooperatives and unions", held on,13th Jan, asserted by hard-working we not only succeeded to rescue from privatization but also improved it as an active trade center of Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME).

From the technical point, the farming system has been revived to be transformed into the active Agro-joint Corporations. Meanwhile, by restructuring the Iranian Rural Fund, the fundamental achievements in the field of capital raising in the agricultural sector have been gained. The interest rates of the loans should be zero and the credit should be paid only for the agriculture sector ", He added.

Furthermore, by adopting an appropriate national policy, CORC afforded to regulate saffron market through selling crops only in the IME, sustained the livelihood of thousands of small scale saffron –farmers, accompanied a huge income for agro-cooperatives, the official implied, he also mentioned the regulating the horticultural crops in the starting Iranian new year (5th March-21 March) is one of the most prominent gains of rural and agricultural cooperatives, since this procedure not only cut the middlemen but also supported the final consumers and vulnerable strata.

Elaborating the marketing policy of CORC to regulate crop market including tomato and saffron, in the overproduction period, the official mentioned the effective performance of the rural and agricultural cooperatives to purchase these crops by supporting prices that had led to support farmers and final consumers.

"CORC had afforded to pay the majority of the crop value to farmers. In the agriculture market and rural community, the influence and efficiency of CORC is unique to handle the market crisis." Shirzad said.

Achieving a prosperous outlook in the field of providing services to farmers requires a fundamental restructuring of CORC. Inevitably, for gaining sustainability, we need to develop transportation bodies, e-electronic and boosting synergistic cooperation among different cooperatives

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