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Iran to Develop National Union of Rural Women Cooperatives: Deputy Minister

According to the official census, more than 42% of women are directly engaged in food and agriculture production, processing and renovating indigenous knowledge and rural handicrafts nationwide, an official of Agriculture –Jihad said.

Hossein Shirzad who is also the CEO of the Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives of Iran (CORC) said more than 60000 rural women have been organized into the 432 rural cooperatives throughout the country to access social integrity as well as a legal entity for boosting women entrepreneurship and livelihood.

Rural women through organizing cooperatives can promote their legal position to engage in major social decision -making and achievement of sustainable development goals, furthermore by development of the national union of rural women cooperative, the potential of these cooperatives could be exploited to develop agricultural value chain, access to credit, infrastructural, information, and business facilities ", Shirzad added.

Emphasizing on the significance of the re-engineering the status qua of the rural women cooperatives, the official asserted that establishment of a national union could align the rural women cooperatives with the national policy of the agriculture ministry that in turn, will lead to integrity of the different kinds of business to boost income the empowerment of the rural women.

"Meanwhile ,national unity ,boosting the role-playing of rural women in the national decision –making ,networking , systematic integrity of agriculture and household business and improving the marketing of their product are the main goals of establishment of the national union of rural women cooperatives", Shirzad said.

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