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Iran, Spain to Cooperate on Seed Production: Deputy Minister

Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives of Iran (CORC) has started a new cooperation with Cellbitec, a Spanish agricultural cooperative to produce new varieties of horticultural crops including pomegranate and barberry.  

Hossein Shirzad who is also the chairman of the Board of CORC, in the meeting attended by the CEO of the Central Union for Rural Production Cooperatives (CURPC), the Board members of the Cellbitec, as well as the Lecturer of the Kordby University, had negotiated the cooperation mechanism between two organizations on seed production.

"Exporting barberries to the over 30countries, Iran produces the 95 % of the global consumption of the barberries. South Khorasan province produces 20000 tone barberries per year",Shirzad added.

Noting to the historical background of barberry farming worldwide, Hernandez, the member Board of the Cellbitec, he said only Iran has succeed to localize barberry.

Emphasizing on the necessity of farming new varieties of the staple and seed, the two parties announce their readiness on sharing know and technology for farming and registering new varieties.




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