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Deputy Minister Highlights Iran Achievements in Regulating Crops Market

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Deputy Minister of Agriculture-Jihad Hossein Shirzad underlined the country’s ability to regulate the crops market.


Providing a performance report of the Central Organization of the Rural Cooperatives of Iran, Shirzad, who is the CEO of the CORC, explained the impressive performance of his organization in regulating the crops market, including saffron and tomato.

"In the last crop year (March-September, 2019), the CORC has purchased a huge volume of tomato. This was one of the market services that the CORC had provided growers as a part of the supporting strategy," Shirzad said.

He also added that lack of an appropriate national cultivation pattern had misled many farmers to enlarge the tomato farms. However, the CORC by adopting appropriate supporting strategy had succeeded to control the price deflation.

Meanwhile, the deputy minister highlights the policies of the CORC to support saffron farmers, explaining that hence the majority of Iran saffron is cultivated by the small scale farmers, taking supportive measures to protect farmers against saffron price fall was necessary.

Moreover, Shirzad announced that the CORC has managed to increase the rate of the agreed purchasing rate by 78% in the above-mentioned time by adopting new policies and implementing innovation plans on regulating the market of the agricultural staple goods.

"Through adopting an appropriate national policy, the CORC afforded to regulate the crop market by selling them in the Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME). This has sustained the livelihood of thousands of farmers accompanied a huge income for agro –cooperatives," the official added.


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