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Iran Kicks Off Purchasing Industrial Apple Cultivar: Official

Supporting Iranian farmers and decreasing food wastages, The Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives of Iran (CORC), has started purchasing the industrial apple cultivars from the 26th   of September. A. Ghaderifar said.
A. Ghaderifar, the Chairperson of the Board and CEO of CORC, said producing more than one million and three hundred metric tons of apple, the "west Azerbaijan "province Stands at the first rank of apple production hubs, nationwide.
"Exporting and marketing the over-preproduction apple has been always a big challenge for local farmers due to the intervention of middlemen. CORC, to resolve these problems, has equipped forty purchasing centers in the local area and succeeded to purchase more than three hundred metric tons of apple for industrial application of apple cultivars", the CEO added.
Explaining the standard procedure of supporting the purchase of industrial apple cultivars, Ghaderifar asserted that CORC local branches are ready to purchase the excess volume of apple, even in the low amount, up to 22d of October,2021.
According to the official data, during the five last years, Iran, by producing more than two thousand metric tons of apple, stands at the 5th rank of ten top apple-producing countries at the global level.
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